Monday, April 25, 2011

Up in Smoke (Silver Dragons #2) by Katie MacAlister

Up In Smoke (Silver Dragons, #2)Up In Smoke by Katie MacAlister

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, poor May! It's Aisling all over again! Haha.

You'd think that becoming a wyvern's mate would mean that things might calm down or something. You know, just let the lovers be happy for a bit. But if there is a wrench our dear author can throw in the works, she throws not just one but all of them.

At the beginning of Up In Smoke, we find May stuck in Abaddon, missing Gabriel, and about to become her demon lord Magoth's consort. Gabriel quickly comes up with a plan to get her out of Abaddon, but maybe May was just a little bit safer there.

Everything that can go wrong for May does go wrong. Her twin, Cyrene, has another problem that she needs May's help to fix. The dragons are always fighting over one thing or another. Then, there's the little matter of Magoth wandering around the human world.

Through all the problems that May faces, this book had me giggling. So far what I've read by Katie MacAlister are some cute, romantic books that leave me feeling cheered up, especially if I wasn't in a good mood before.

Planning to read the last book in the Silver Dragons series, Me and My Shadow (Silver Dragons, #3), in a couple of weeks.

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