Saturday, August 13, 2011

Read Dangerously Read-a-thon - Day 3 Updates and Mini Challenges


Currently reading: I will be starting The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld #3) by Gena Showalter eventually. Unfortunately, I need to take a nap right now, cuz I have to work again from 5:30PM to around 2:00AM. 

So, this is most likely my final totals. (I might get to read a chapter of my book at work on my 30 minute break, but that would be it.) I'll be working when the read-a-thon ends.

Pages read: Part of 1 book, and started a second book.

Books read: 103 pages

Total time reading: 3 hours

Mini Challenge #5

Directions: I like books. Not just reading books, looking at them. There's just something about a shelf full of books that makes me incredibly happy, and if the books are put on the shelf in an interesting way, it's even better. For this challenge, I want to see your shelves. Just take a picture (or a few) of your bookshelves, or a video if that's more your style, and post it on your blog, then link to the post in the comments.

Here are my pictures.....

 ^^There's at least a couple of books in each drawer of that thing. I really need to get it organized. Lol.^^

^^The books in these two pictures are all books that I've read, except for a couple.^^

This challenge has made me realize yet again that I need to get some kind of organization going on in regards to my books. I could take at least 3 more pictures of other places where I have books sitting in my room.

I do own a bookshelf! It's just not in my possession right now...... (Moved 2 years ago. Friend helped. Had to leave, and took my bookshelf with him. Just haven't gotten it back yet. Been meaning to..... Whoops.....)

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