Saturday, January 8, 2011

Warning..... I'm going to do some major swearing right about..... Now.....

I have the fucking greatest neighbors downstairs ever. They get home at 2AM like right as I'm about to go to sleep (best timing ever, douchebags) and decide to blare their music. This is even more awesome cuz my room is directly above their living room where they are blaring the music. They had it up soo loud a little bit ago, that the bass was shaking my floor. Seriously...... Why does it need to be up that loud in the middle of the night? I know I should go down there and tell them to turn it the fuck down, but it's frickin' cold out and it just snowed. Really, aren't most people smart enough to realize that their neighbors might be sleeping at 2AM? Therefore, it's a pretty shitty thing to be blaring your music super loud.

Well, I guess I didn't need the disclaimer in the heading. Although, I really do just want to string together a major line of cuss words. I think I will stop myself though.

*(%)!(*%&@%( &%!@#%^(*@%( @%)(&@%)_@$ ^@&@$%@^%$ !&&%!@%$% $#&%!@$%$^*(%(%$$@# !@%@$#

Gah. I'm going to take a sleeping pill for the first time ever, and try to tune some of this shit out. Hopefully, it works.

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