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Fatal Circle (Persephone Alcmedi #3) by Linda Robertson

Fatal Circle (Pershephone Alcmedi, #3)Fatal Circle by Linda Robertson

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This book picks right up where the last one left off. The fairies have declared war is the vampire Menessos is not turned over to them. They are bond to the Earth through him, and they seek to free themselves of that bond by killing him. (Technically that is the only way to severe the bond though, so don't feel soo bad about it.)

So, add fairies to the list of things that Seph has to deal with. Some of the other issues on that list have to do with the witches, wærewolves, and vampires.

Because of the threat from the fairies, Seph basically moves in with Menessos. So, I got learn more about Menessos and his vampire followers. Now that I have have more information about him, I've changed my opinion of him. I kind of like him. He's lived a long time. It's been hard on him.

Some of his followers that were introduced were pretty interesting too. Hope to see more of them in the next book.

More of Johnny's destiny is revealed. It will be interesting to see how he handles things, and if it changes him at all.

Both Seph's relationship with Johnny and her relationship with Menessos change and grow. Even the guys might learn to get along. Not holding my breath though, they are guys after all. Haha.

Of course at the end, the threat of war from the fairies culminates in a crazy, awesome, epic battle. That one little fire fairy is freakin' crazy. I can't even describe it. I probably spent half of it with my mouth hanging open.

The way that the book ended, I'm almost positive that the next book is gonna pick up mere hours from where this one ended. Lots of things were left hanging. I wish I had the next one, Arcane Circle (Persephone Alcmedi, #4), on hand so that I could dive right into it.

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